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Panopto Features to Get Excited About: Moodle and Zoom Integrations

Laptop hosting a Zoom meeting. Image from "Panopto: The Secure, Searchable Library for Zoom Recordings" video.
Image from "Panopto: The Secure, Searchable Library for Zoom Recordings" video.

When Panopto replaces Mediasite as NC State’s enterprise video management system in May 2021, it will bring a number of new features, capabilities and updates with it. And while change can be daunting, it can also be exciting. We’ve gathered some of Panopto’s most exciting features that will soon be at your disposal along with materials to help you when you start using them.

To start, we’re looking at how Panopto works with Moodle and Zoom, two of the most popular learning applications among NC State faculty and students. Panopto offers seamless integrations with both tools which work together to make your teaching easier and your students’ learning experience better.

Zoom has been many educators’ go-to tool for web conferencing. When NC State transitioned to remote learning in spring 2020, many faculty turned to Zoom as their primary tool for course delivery. In addition to live chatting, Zoom meetings may be recorded, making a class available to students who couldn’t attend or those who want to rewatch a particular class later. 

Panopto’s integration with Zoom makes managing these calls and recordings easier. Users have the ability to upload their Zoom recordings so that they are available in Panopto. From there, the user can use Panopto’s editing tools to edit or refine the Zoom recording, removing extraneous content or adding in new content such as commentary, links and quizzes. Panopto also helps educators secure content at the organizational level so only authorized students may access it. 

Students can leverage Panopto to enhance any Zoom lecture or meeting. The Smart Search video search engine lets viewers fast-forward to any word spoken or shown on-screen and bookmark key moments from any device. Instructors may also highlight important information in the recording. For group work and discussions, Panopto promotes collaboration. It will automatically pull live chats from Zoom meetings and enable viewers to add time-stamped comments in the video after the meeting has ended.

Panopto also offers a seamless Moodle integration, bringing video directly to the Moodle interface. Instructors can organize and instantly publish video files inside their Moodle course pages. Each live webcast or on-demand recording may also be linked or embedded as a Moodle forum.

Panopto arranges a folder structure that mirrors your class structure and assigns sharing permissions to the appropriate students. Once a student or faculty member logs into Moodle, they’ll automatically log in to Panopto as well. And with rolling synchronization, Panopto always references current class lists to understand which students have access to each class. 

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These are just a few of the features you can look forward to using in 2021. The best part? They’re all available in one place. Panopto makes it easy to not only get started with video management but to become an expert. Stay tuned for more information about Panopto, and for a complete overview of Panopto’s best features for higher education, check out this video.