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Author: Debbie Willmschen

Classroom Support Technician Leonard Brothers sitting in the DELTA Central Control Room

Nov 27, 2023

Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Leonard Brothers

As a graduate of NC State, Classroom Support Technician Leonard Brothers has worked with DELTA for almost 18 years. He is currently with the Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (ILSS) team (formerly the Video Communication Services team). We asked him a few questions to learn more about his day-to-day activities with DELTA as well as how… 

visual representation of some of the 3D assets designed for the blending/flipped course redesign DELTA Grant

Nov 22, 2023

Blended/Flipped Learning Using a DELTA Grant

Using a DELTA Grant, Assistant Teaching Professors Ignacio Dominguez and Alexander Card with the NC State University Department of Computer Science collaborated with DELTA staff to redesign a course to a flipped classroom model. Read about the outcomes of this project! 

Photo of presenters with decorative image

Nov 17, 2023

(Y)Our Health Winter Session

Two free credits are available for incoming and transfer first year students by completing the Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions online course. The (Y)Our Health sessions focus on real-life examples of issues and challenges students to discover multidisciplinary solutions. 

NC State graduate Chelly Sundermeyer sitting in front of a sign outside the Federal Highway Administration Colorado Division

Nov 8, 2023

Online Distance Education Program Paves the Way

NC State graduate Chelly Sundermeyer recently completed the Online Distance and Education Master of Environmental Assessment program. Learn more about Sundermeyer’s experiences and her role as an Environmental Protection Specialist with the Federal Highway Administration Colorado Division! 

Oct 25, 2023

What’s the Word on DELTA Grants?

Are you looking for innovative solutions to instructional challenges and methods for increasing student success? The DELTA Grants program can help provide you with the support, key services and financial resources you need. Find out which DELTA Grant is right for you! 

White standing between her brothers, Michael (to her left) and Marcus (to her right) at a family event.

Oct 23, 2023

Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Jessica White

For this Inside DELTA piece, we interviewed Jessica White, a senior instructional designer, who has worked for DELTA for six years. White’s position with DELTA is unique in that she splits her time between two departments — DELTA and the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences (FBNS) within the College of Agriculture and Life… 

Two actors sitting in chairs facing each other to re-create a counseling session for a video shoot

Oct 2, 2023

Counseling Interns Practice Skills

Using a DELTA Exploratory Grant, a team created an instructional video and chatbot experience to support and enhance the skill development of counselors-in-training. Using the chatbot, the team showcased certain counseling concepts while allowing students to practice using them. Learn more about this team’s work! 

Laura Buker and her family posed in front of the Great Smoky Mountains

Sep 25, 2023

Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Laura Buker

As a DELTA project manager, Laura Buker enjoys using her analytical skills to troubleshoot and improve processes. This Inside DELTA story highlights her unique background, job expertise and life outside of the office. Read more about Buker and her contributions to NC State! 

close up image of dung beetle

Aug 16, 2023

Express Grants Tackle 3D Scanning Technology

Two DELTA Express Grants for courses in the NC State Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology sought to expand content capture services and leverage the use of 3D objects in the classroom. Hear about the outcomes of these grants from our DELTA specialists! 

Architectural detail of Talley Student Union metal spire.

Aug 14, 2023

DELTA and NCSCaLE Partnerships Thrive

In 2023, DELTA continues partnerships with NCSCaLE to take advantage of their combined expertise to support online and distance education programs at NC State. Learn more about how the DELTA and NCSCaLE departments work together!