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Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Alex Bennett

Classroom Support Technician Alex Bennett sitting in front of computer screens in his office at work

Classroom Support Technician Alex Bennett has worked with DELTA for six years. With a passion for working with technology, Bennett found that a position in the Academic Technology department fit well with his long-term career goals. Read more about Bennett, his role within the group and his life outside of the office!

What is your background?

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Bennett has lived in North Carolina for most of his life. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in broadcasting at Western Carolina University.

“I came to DELTA straight out of college,” Bennett said. “I was hired as a part timer for Video Communication Services (now known as Innovative Learning Spaces and Support) and then was hired as a full time technician later.”

How would you describe your role at DELTA?

As a classroom support technician, Bennett understands the importance of ensuring that classroom technology is functioning correctly each and every day. He is responsible for assisting faculty in the basic operations of the technologies needed for their classes. He also works to troubleshoot problems and provide IT support for classroom equipment as well as providing classroom capture of lectures.

“My day-to-day responsibilities primarily involve recording video lectures for the purpose of online education,” Bennett explained. “But I also need to make sure the necessary technology is working properly in the classrooms, ensure recordings are published properly, and be a ‘face on the wall’ for faculty so they can focus on their material and not worry about the recording.”

What is your favorite experience at DELTA?

As someone who works with technology, Bennett enjoys any opportunity to learn about advances in his field. He includes in his best work-related memories his two visits to InfoComm, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America.

“My favorite experience with DELTA would have to be going to InfoComm,” Bennett said. “Seeing and experiencing new technology has always excited me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this conference and bring back what I’ve learned to DELTA.”

man wearing a mask standing on a convention show floor
Bennett checking out new products and services on the show floor at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Bennett spends most of his time making sure that each DELTA online learning space is set up and ready with the technology it needs. As such, he also spends some of his time troubleshooting, but he’s OK with that!

“I enjoy problem solving the most about my job,” Bennett said. “I’m the person in my family that when something goes wrong with technology they always call or text me first. When something happens in the classroom, I’m more than happy to try and solve issues. That way, if that particular issue ever happens again in another room, I can be the person to say ‘I know how to fix that!’”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of the office, Bennett is grateful that he has opportunities to travel and visit his family around the world.

“So far in my life, I’ve returned to Canada multiple times for family gatherings and holidays,” Bennett said. “I’ve been to England, France and Australia to complete educational trips, attend weddings and visit family. I enjoy having opportunities to experience different places. My family lives all over the world, so they probably spend more time in the air than on the ground! And, most people probably don’t know this, but I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons and Sudoku nerd.”

a group of people on a train gathered around a table with their computers, phones, and water bottles; luggage is visible in the overhead compartment
Bennett traveling with family by train to London after attending a wedding in England in 2023