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Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Jess Benton

Networking Technician Jess Benton shown looking at cables as she checks the signal flow for DELTA lecture capture equipment.
Networking Technician Jess Benton checking the signal flow for DELTA lecture capture equipment.

Networking Technician Jess Benton has worked for DELTA since November of 2021. In this Inside DELTA piece, we learn more about Benton’s role in DELTA and how she spends her time outside the office.

What is your background?

Benton has expert knowledge in the audio-visual aspects of DELTA run spaces. She is also Dante Certified, which means that she has an understanding of the fundamental knowledge on digital audio, networking addresses and how to use Dante Controller with Dante devices.

Originally from Virginia, Benton worked at William and Mary College for 10 years, where she was a classroom support specialist before coming to DELTA.

“I moved to Raleigh primarily because my family moved here,” Benton said. “I was interested in working with DELTA because of the opportunity it provides to further my skills involved with IT in the higher education field.”

How would you describe your role at DELTA?

Benton is a part of the Digital Media Support Services Engineering (DMSS) group with the Academic Technology department here at DELTA. The primary focus of this department is to provide and maintain a robust and reliable academic technology infrastructure for the full spectrum of digital learning environments at NC State, including the support of specialized technology classrooms and instructional tools and spaces that support specific teaching and learning needs. 

“In my role, I help with the integration and support of technologies in DELTA classroom and conference spaces,” Benton said. “Day to day, I ensure that classes and meetings run smoothly for the users and support technicians.”

According to Tim Hinds, networking analyst with the Academic Technology department, Benton is an integral member of the DMSS engineering team. 

“Whether it’s resolving a complex technical issue or installing the latest technologies, Jess gets it done,” Hinds said. “She is currently supporting DELTA’s video over IP infrastructure for nine buildings on two campuses. Jess assists team managers with technology integration in all DELTA instructional and meeting spaces. She is also responsible for providing quality and efficient customer service to faculty, staff and university partners through the daily oversight of service tickets issued by tier one and tier two technicians as well as troubleshooting technical issues that involve software integrations with various instructional systems.”

What is your favorite experience at DELTA?

As a networking technician with DELTA, Benton is continually learning about new technologies used in DELTA spaces. In terms of using and troubleshooting these technologies, Benton often comes across things she’s never dealt with before.

“Learning the ins and outs of new technologies is the most challenging and rewarding part of my job, and that all adds up to my favorite experiences here at DELTA,” Benton said. “To do my job well, it’s vital that I keep up with the ever-changing technologies in use today. I value providing our users with the best experience possible. I also enjoy learning about and implementing the latest tools, such as using a Zoom room compatible minicomputer and Neat control pads.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Benton’s day-to-day tasks include working with the audio-visual equipment and lecture capture services for her team. She provides a support role to the technicians who help with the necessary equipment to make NC State’s digital learning environments operational. As such, she appreciates the expertise and contributions of everyone on the team.

“Being part of a great support staff team here at DELTA is wonderful,” said Benton. “I’m grateful to have coworkers who I can depend on.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When not at work, Benton enjoys spending time outside.

“I like to ride my bike, hike and fish,” Benton said. “I bought my fishing license as soon as I moved to North Carolina! I especially like to learn about history and recently explored Great Falls Park, which has a rich history of George Washington’s exploration of America. I also enjoy traveling and spending time with family.”

Benton bass fishing near Burlington, North Carolina