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Career Advancement on the Radar for Online Graduate

photo of NC State Online graduate and on-air meteorologist Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele Furthers Education Through NC State CCS Program

Working as an on-air meteorologist for two decades, Alexandra Steele understands how entrenched our daily lives are with weather and climate stories. She also experiences first hand how climate can affect our future. With this knowledge as well as a drive to provide a more impactful experience for her viewers, Steele looked to the highly flexible, online environment in the Climate Change and Society (CCS) program at NC State to further her education and advance her skills. Steele is scheduled to complete the requirements for a Climate Adaptation Certificate in May 2023 and is continuing with the CCS program as she works toward a master’s degree in climate change and society.

“I decided to pursue the certificate because I find myself talking more and more often about climate during my forecasts,” Steele said. “Gaining my master’s as well as the climate certificate will be a wonderful companion arsenal of knowledge to weave into my forecasts. Additionally, the remote component and the priority of climate communication is a great fit for me.”

While in the Climate Change and Society Program, Steele appreciated the guidance of Roberto Mera, coordinator and director, and Jay Levine, co-director, who helped tailor the program with her background and interests in mind.

“My professors were wonderful and exposed us all to an incredible array of experts and climate specialists that I will cite, reference and continue to follow,” Steele said.

Currently based in Atlanta, Steele appreciates the ability to continue her education and training while remaining committed to her everyday responsibilities. 

“Wherever your interests lie, there is always a way to learn more, grow more and become indispensable,” Steele said. “Online degree programs have opened a world that allows us to grow both personally and professionally and from wherever we call home.”

Although completing the work required balance and commitment, Steele highly recommends the program to other working professionals who are thinking about continuing their education.

“Because I truly loved what I was learning, I made the time to get the work done. I would write papers sitting alongside my daughter at the kitchen table,” Steele said. “Also, the material was so engaging! I was thrilled to add more value to my weather forecasts by developing a deeper understanding of the changing climate we are ensconced in. There is no limit now to the type of educational opportunities we can pursue online. It is now just incumbent upon ourselves to muster the motivation to move ahead.”

Steele is looking forward to new possibilities now that she has a deeper understanding of our climate.

“I love being on the air and disseminating the weather to viewers,” Steele said. “But now with a kernel of climate in the mix, I welcome an opportunity where weather and climate can live together in an understandable and inventive way that can both engage and inform viewers.”

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