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Accessibility Tip: Course File Alternative Formats

This decorative image was created by Caitlin McKeown and used in her accessibility presentation.

NEW! Easily Access Alternative Formats for Course Files

To help ensure equal access to files for all members of our diverse student population, NC State has acquired a license to SensusAccess, a “one-stop self-service, alternate media and document remediation service for educational institutions.” With this tool, students, faculty and staff can convert documents to a range of alternative formats like audio, e-book or digital Braille. It can also convert inaccessible documents (such as image-only PDF files) into more accessible formats. 

File conversion capability is available on Moodle Project and on academic courses starting Summer 2023. You and your students will see a circular icon formed by three arrows to the right of each file in Moodle (see screenshot below). Clicking on the icon allows the user to choose a new file format. An email will alert the user when the new file type is ready for them to use.

If you need assistance using Brickfield’s File Conversion tool, read this knowledge-base article.