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Outreach and Project Servers Get a Moodle Upgrade

Moodle 4 is up and ready for our fall academic courses, but what does that mean for our Projects and Outreach users? The Outreach and Project Moodle spaces will be upgraded on August 8.

When upgraded, all content will be maintained. However, the look of the course, especially the main course page, will be different. This may cause some confusion for participants who have previously accessed the course and are accustomed to the manner in which the course content is presented and organized.

If you currently have a course that will be open during this upgrade period, we recommend that you notify users that on August 8 the server will be down for a few hours. When it becomes available again, it will look different from their previous login. Rest assured that none of their work will be lost.

To prepare for this upgrade, we have several resources available for you. Our Moodle 4 article series (links below) has recommendations on how to work with your content. There are some things that can be done before the upgrade, such as moving files to folders or condensing information on pages rather than the home course page. We also have several workshops and YouTube videos to support you through the process as well as the Teaching with Moodle resource course.

Consider brushing up with these DELTA Workshops and Open Lab:

Moodle 4 Articles: