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Moodle 4: New Look and Feel

Are you ready to see the new look and feel of Moodle 4? This major upgrade to Moodle streamlines the look of our LMS, without sacrificing any of the functionality we know and love. The new streamlined user interface gives Moodle a sleek and clean look. Users will also find the navigation has moved to a horizontal menu that allows for there to be several menus visible rather than just one.

The Course Menu navigation has easy access to settings and participants in the course, with a “More..” tab for less used course-related items.

The “Turn Editing On” menu has changed to an “Edit Mode” switch that you can quickly utilize to edit course components as an instructor.

The “Course Index” and “Block Drawer” can now be collapsed or expanded, making it easier for users to control what they see on their screen at a given time. In addition, the “Course Index” allows for easy navigation of modules, including the components within them. Items that require activity completion are indicated within the “Course Index” as well as listing on the main course page.

Activity completion has also gotten a glow-up. Now, it has more display options on the main course page for students to view what they need to accomplish for the activity to be completed, as well as the expected completion dates. This is a great way to be transparent with your students about what they need to do to complete items in your course. When items have been completed a green circle appears next to each item in the “Course Index.”

The dashboard will show users a timeline for work to be completed across all of their courses. It has clear call-to-action buttons to allow users to easily navigate to complete these items. An “Overdue” badge lets users know if they have missed an assignment. This also compliments the fully responsive calendar that makes it easier for students to plan and organize their assignments and activities.

Overall, Moodle 4 enhances the user experience by simplifying the workflow to accomplish common tasks in our LMS. If you are interested in trying out Moodle 4, our Preview server is now available and access can be requested by completing this Google Form.