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WolfWare: New Features, Tools and More


Here is the latest WolfWare News, compiled to help you make effective use of WolfWare for your fall courses.

New Features and Tools

Here are a few notable upgrades to WolfWare since spring 2021 that may be of interest to you!

Getting Started with WolfWare

Here is a collection of support articles to get you up and running with WolfWare this semester.

  1. Requesting a WolfWare space and activating tools.
  2. Creating a Moodle space for a class.
    • If you are creating your course from scratch, consider using the Quick Start Course Shell to begin with a structured course layout that uses consistent elements to help students navigate the course.
  3. Adding your TA or other support staff to your Moodle courses.
  4. Making a Moodle course available to students.
    • Courses open automatically to students on the first official day of classes. but you can change the date manually to let your students get a head start, if you wish.

Important Resources

WolfWare Roadmap: Are you interested in what we are working on and have planned for the future? Take a look at the WolfWare Roadmap to get an idea of what has been done and what is planned for WolfWare. Future items are all subject to change, contact if specifics are needed.

Feature Requests and General Feedback: We welcome your input to make our WolfWare technologies as useful as possible to your teaching. To provide feedback and to submit (or view) feature requests, go to and select “Send Feedback” at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your interest! Please don’t hesitate to contact DELTA’s LearnTech help desk at 919.513.7094, or email if you need assistance.