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All of Our Tips for Teaching and Working Remotely

Talley Student Center is mostly deserted as undergraduate students prepare for online-only classes during the COVID19 (coronavirus) outbreak in the United States.
As undergraduate courses move online, we've compiled some tips and resources for a successful fall semester. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

NC State University announced on Thursday, Aug. 20 that all fall semester undergraduate classes would move to remote instruction beginning Aug. 24. While NC State faculty and staff have worked hard to prepare for this situation by developing academic continuity plans, adopting new learning technologies and planning with students, it can still be challenging for all parties to make the switch online. 

Thankfully, we’ve done this before. When the spring 2020 semester transitioned to remote instruction in March, DELTA shared tips, tools and tricks not only for getting courses online, but for learning and excelling under the difficult circumstances. Now, you can find all of these resources in one place. The articles below offer advice from DELTA’s instructional designers, technology experts, media makers and project managers to help you and your students connect and thrive remotely this fall. 

Tips from Faculty for Quickly Preparing to Teach Online by Cassidy Jo Colson and Sherry O’Neal

Check out this article for firsthand tips from faculty on how to quickly prepare to teach online. They have provided insight on teaching in Zoom, adding existing content online, using available learning technologies to communicate with students, making videos of labs, and more.

Alternative Assessment Resources for Teaching and Learning Online by Dr. Traci L Temple

This article introduces nine types of alternative assessments instructors can use to assess student learning online without the need for proctored exams. By using one or more of these authentic assessment methods, instructors can improve student mastery of learning and reduce time spent grading.

Tips for Students to Prepare for Online Learning by Dr. Melissa Virginia Ramirez  

How are faculty and students preparing to be successful in the new online environment in which we find ourselves? With much work happening behind the scenes on the faculty side, we want to be sure that students are preparing on their side too. Check out these tips for students.

Top 5 Tips for Using Zoom Meetings by Cassidy Jo Colson

Check out these tips and tricks to help you navigate Zoom meetings like a pro. Zoom can help facilitate communication, collaboration and help build a sense of community in the online environment. 

DELTA Instructional Technologists Share Tips for Teaching Online by Lily Fandel

This fall will feel different for NC State instructors and students as all courses move online. DELTA’s Instructional Technology Training team is sharing their favorite tools and techniques for online instruction to help faculty make the transition and give students an engaging semester of learning. 

Tips for Engaging Your Students from DELTA Instructional Designers by Lily Fandel

As NC State instructors dive into remote instruction, it may feel harder to connect with your students than it did in person. DELTA’s skilled instructional designers are sharing their favorite tools and techniques to promote student engagement and meaningful interactions in online courses. 

Tips to Create Your Own Instructional Media from Home by Sherry O’Neal and Lily Fandel

As more people turn to podcasts and videos to engage with students and colleagues at a distance, DELTA staff members are sharing tips to help you navigate the technology behind instructional media and develop powerful learning materials on your own. 

Perk Up Your Course Announcements: 5 Tips for Enhancing the Faculty-Student Connection by Dr Jennifer T. Tagsold 

Weekly announcements from a course instructor help establish a faculty-student connection, which leads to gains in student understanding and the overall online course experience. We’re sharing some tips to make announcements in your online course with the Moodle Announcements Forum. 

DELTA Project Managers Suggest Tips and Tools for Remote and Distributed Teams by Merranie Zellweger

DELTA’s Project Management team has some suggestions and resources for our new normal of remote working and distributed teams. Included are ideas on how to stay connected, draft a team agreement, remote team-building ideas, and helpful tools.

Online Professor Angie Smith Gives Thoughts on Intentional Design in Courses by Janine Bowen 

As schools and universities increasingly move to online and remote learning to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, NC State College of Education Teaching Associate Professor and former DELTA Faculty Fellow Angie Smith, Ph.D., says that, with a thoughtful and strategic approach, educators can continue to deliver a high-quality education for their students at home.