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Get to Know Classroom Capture at NC State

Photo of a Park Shops classroom equipped with recording capability.

The fall 2020 semester will be the first of its kind for face-to-face learning at NC State as COVID-19 brings sweeping changes to campus operations. In past semesters, instructors have had the choice to opt-in to record their face-to-face class sessions in ClassTech classrooms, complete with a range of audio and visual recording technologies. To support students in hybrid courses who are not physically present in the classroom and better Protect the Pack, this service has changed to opt-out for the fall 2020 semester. 

The service extends to ClassTech classrooms only, not departmentally-supported classrooms. Departmentally supported spaces will be managed by their departmental IT support staff.

DELTA has been working with ClassTech to outfit as many classrooms as possible with recording technology such as cameras, microphones and Mediasite hardware. More technology-enabled classrooms will allow for fewer students in these spaces and increased adherence to physical distancing requirements. Additional spaces in the McKimmon Conference and Training Center, Hunt Library, Talley Student Union and Witherspoon Student Center have been equipped with capture technology and will be utilized as classrooms. Faculty will need to opt-out if they do not want their face-to-face courses recorded within ClassTech supported classrooms.

Opting-out of a Mediasite recording in the classroom is only an option if you have another plan for providing the content to your students. If you have another plan for providing the content (for example, pre-recorded lectures, a Zoom recording, etc.), then you may opt-out. If you have policy concerns about academic continuity and/or recording your lectures, please speak with your department head. If you have technical concerns/questions or you have decided that you want to opt-out because you have another way of getting content to your students, email

Faculty teaching face to face in a ClassTech enabled space will receive an email (one per course) with a channel link. This is how they will access their recordings via their course’s Mediasite channel. The email will also include links to the appropriate how-to video based on the room their class is in, instructions for how to opt-out, ways to contact support and find resources, safety protocols and an opportunity to rehearse early.

There are many ways to get comfortable with classroom capture technology. Prepare to record successfully with the following resources:

DELTA staff are available to answer questions about classroom capture and recording. Contact or the LearnTech Help Desk for support.