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Dig Deeper with DELTA Teaching Resources: A New Website for Faculty

Two iron wolfs against the sun.
Enhance your knowledge and understanding of instructional design, pedagogy and best practices in teaching with technology to the benefit of your students with DELTA Teaching Resources.

If you have ever attended a DELTA Workshop, browsed the DELTA Knowledge Base or collaborated with our staff of instructional technologists and designers, you have probably learned how to leverage some of the DELTA-supported learning technologies. We are excited to share a new resource that explores the pedagogy behind these tools and concepts as well as how they make a difference for students, in-person and online. 

On the new DELTA Teaching Resources website, you will not only gain skills to implement best practices in teaching and learning but the background to critically consider pedagogical choices and tailor them to your teaching. The website is designed for faculty to easily locate and learn this information without having to attend a workshop, webinar or event — serving as a complementary resource to the Knowledge Base, DELTA’s hub for help documentation. Combine these resources to apply the knowledge and master the skills you learn. 

Composed of informative pages and articles created by DELTA instructional technologists and designers, the website goes into detail on topics such as course design, student-to-student interaction, content creation, assessment, communication and more. Resources are presented with faculty needs in mind; users can easily search and browse various concepts and tools and access additional support. 

The site will also bring together content from other DELTA platforms. Learning materials from DELTA Workshops, including recordings and handouts, as well as the DELTA LearnTech YouTube Channel will soon be available and frequently updated on the site. 

With an untraditional fall semester quickly approaching, take advantage of DELTA Teaching Resources to prepare for a successful season of teaching and learning. Use the website to start planning your courses, encourage student engagement and develop high-quality learning materials and assessments.