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Blackboard Collaborate Updates

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the usability of our WolfWare tools, DELTA recently made several interface improvements to Blackboard Collaborate, our synchronous LMS (

For all audiences (moderators, participants), the “Get Help” button now points to the appropriate support resources, whether users are logged in or not. The “Log In” button was moved to a more prominent location on the page and the “Change Password” button was removed, since it was only relevant to NCSU users and pointed to: The options for creating a session have been streamlined. There were some non-relevant options on the “Create Session” menu which were removed to make the creation process easier for moderators.

Participants may also notice improvements when joining a Collaborate session.  We improved the language related to launching a session (mostly grammatical corrections) as well as improved the instructions about what to do when the software (Java) isn’t configured properly.

We will continue to do our best to improve the suite of online learning tools offered by DELTA.  Please feel free to provide comments here or submit anonymous suggestions on the WolfWare “Feedback Form” ( to let us know how we’re doing.

(With contributions by Scott Miller.)