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Moodle Faster with Bulk Editing!

May Teaching with Tech Tip

The Talley Student Union on a summer day. Photo by Marc Hall
Photo by Marc Hall

When you are ready to revise a course for the next semester, check out bulk editing now built into Moodle (if you don’t see it, make sure you are viewing a 24/25 course). You can quickly make multiple activities available or hidden, duplicate in bulk, or move and delete numerous activities simultaneously! To use bulk editing options:

  • Ensure editing mode is enabled or Turn on editing mode
  • Click on Bulk actions in the top right corner beneath the course banner.
  • Tick the box to the left of the items for which you want to apply bulk actions.
  • Choose an action from the bulk actions menu bar at the bottom of the screen — availability, duplicate, move, or delete. 

Also, add the Mass Actions Block to your course in order to bulk edit indentation or duplicate and move entire sections/modules.