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What’s the Word on DELTA Grants?

Transform Your Course with DELTA

Are you looking for innovative solutions to instructional challenges and methods for increasing student success? The DELTA Grants program can help provide you with the support, key services and financial resources you need. 

Our goal is to collaborate on reusable efforts with a broad reach to enhance teaching and learning through technology and research-based best practices. Using the latest technologies, we apply research-based standards of excellence and explore advancements in instructional design to enhance the digital learning environment at NC State.

With a DELTA Grant, you get:

  • A DELTA team to collaborate with you to find solutions for your instructional challenges
  • Our expertise in instructional design, new media development, application development and more
  • Financial resources to use for personnel, conferences, equipment, etc.
  • A partnership to impact teaching with technology based on pedagogy

Read more about past grant recipients about their DELTA Grants experience below! Or watch a video from our past recipients to learn more.

DELTA Grants: From Challenge to Solution

Assistant Teaching Professor Nicola Singletary worked with DELTA on an Exploratory Grant to create a 360° virtual reality video so her students could experience the clinical setting involved in a typical lactation consultation.

headshot of Assistant Teaching Professor Nicola Singletary
“The best thing about working with DELTA is that their insightful questions and solutions expanded my perspective,” Singletary said. “Instead of jumping right into the project, we took a step back and figured out the best way to tackle the project as a group. And, this resulted in a superior outcome for my students.”

Teaching Professor and Online College Counseling Coordinator with Counselor Education and Faculty Fellow with the Office for Faculty Excellence Angela Smith also worked with DELTA on a Blended Learning Grant. Smith experienced many positive interactions with DELTA and appreciates the collaborative, consistent approach to creating solutions to instructional challenges.

headshot of Teaching Professor and Online College Counseling Coordinator with Counselor Education and Faculty Fellow with the Office for Faculty Excellence Angela Smith
“DELTA team members not only listen to us — but actually hear us when we share our hopes for our projects,” Smith said. “What better way to collaborate and to come up with something that’s even bigger than our wildest imagination than to partner with DELTA? If and when you decide to partner with DELTA, you are welcomed as a teammate with a common goal.”

Counseling Interns Practice Skills

Using a DELTA Exploratory Grant, Smith and a team of counseling educators worked alongside DELTA specialists to create innovative methods to enhance instructional tools for counseling interns.

“DELTA was not only willing to help but also partnered with us to make it happen,” Smith said. “As an exploratory grant, this was a different type of project, because it unfolded as we moved along and ‘explored’ the possibilities. Our team was so creative and patient with us as we developed the ideas further. They were knowledgeable about the technology we could use to bring this project to fruition.”

DELTA Grant Enhances Student Learning

Associate Professor Karl Wegmann received a DELTA Grant to enhance learning for the Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) geosystem stream table. The MEAS department reached out to DELTA knowing that they understood the educational value a tactile experience could provide students and the potential of incorporating more advanced technologies.

headshot of Associate Professor Karl Wegmann
“The DELTA team was instrumental in the creative process as well as the design and implementation of new technologies and solutions to expand the educational reach of the MEAS department’s stream model,” Wegmann said.

DELTA Grant Deliverables Promote Student Success in Obtaining Ph.D. Degree in Statistics

Associate Professors Luo Xiao, Jonathan Stallrich and Associate Professor of the Practice Emily Griffith applied for a Course Design DELTA Grant to develop the necessary educational tools needed to support students as they overcome the hurdles of ST 701: Statistical Theory I. According to Xiao, before the DELTA Grant, students relied on textbook problems to reinforce understanding of core concepts. But many students found the problems too challenging and became discouraged. 

headshot of Associate Professor Luo Xiao
“We lacked the resources to provide a bridge into the course and wanted to create a series of video lectures reviewing fundamental calculus concepts,” Xiao said. “This is where DELTA came in to provide expertise in technology and pedagogy which proved to be invaluable in the creation/organization of the proposed materials.”

Find out which DELTA Grant is right for you by exploring more information on our website!