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Moodle’s Hot Question Activity

Teaching with Tech Tip

Students brainstorm and collaborate in Hunt library on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Use “Hot Question” to activate students’ thinking and discover their questions about course readings, guest speakers, presentations, and more. Students can submit questions and then vote up questions from their peers. Questions can be anonymous to classmates, and you can moderate them to help prioritize critical course concepts to dive into. Learn more about how to set it up in your course!

Teaching Ideas →

Lecture Feedback: After delivering a lecture, use the tool to allow students to ask for clarifications. Address the hottest questions in the next class or a group office hour session to ensure understanding.

Prior Knowledge Check-In: Before starting a new topic, ask students what they know or think they know about the topic. They can write statements into the Hot Question activity as well as questions.

Peer Teaching: Ask students to answer each other’s hot questions. 

Debate Starters: Pose a controversial statement or topic and ask students to submit questions or perspectives related to it. The most heated questions can serve as starting points for class debates.

Guest Speaker Prep: If you have a guest speaker coming, let students submit questions they’d like to be addressed.