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When is it Due???

October Tech Tip

Students study and use laptops on the Engineering Oval on Centennial Campus.
Photo by Marc Hall

Surveys are often conducted to discover how we can foster student success. In a recent survey, students reported that in order for them to succeed in classes, they need due dates that are clearly communicated. 

Adding dates to assignments, quizzes, and other interactive activities is a common practice. However, you can also add “expect completed by” dates via activity completion settings to links to articles, pages, and more. 

The calendar block and calendar view in the Moodle Dashboard is an organized way that can help students visualize when things are due in all of their classes. Instructors and students can also add a manual event if a date does not appear in the Moodle Calendar. And, they can export calendars and add them to their Google Calendar for one more way to stay on top of course work!