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DELTA Offers Badges for Workshop Completion

Decorative graphic showing NC State DELTA's new badges available for completing a workshop series.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to show for your commitment to professional development opportunities? DELTA has implemented a badge system through Credly that allows you to earn and display digital credentials as you progress through workshop series.

There are two levels of achievement available — Exploring and Applying. If you successfully complete the requisite workshops in a topic of interest, you will earn an Exploring Badge. If you would like to pursue the Applying Badge, you must demonstrate your ability to apply your expertise in the topic area in one of the following ways:

  • Write an article for DELTA news
  • Teach a workshop or seminar on your implementation
  • Add a case study to the Teaching Resources website
  • Make an instructional video for the NC State DELTA LearnTech YouTube channel
  • Come up with your own idea and pitch it to us! Please reach out to the DELTA training program to pre-approve your project idea.

What Workshop Topics Have Badges Available?

Currently, there are six topics to choose from if you are interested in earning a badge. If you take a look at the requirements below, you may discover that you have already completed some of the workshops required for a badge — why not take the remainder of the series and have a badge to show for your accomplishments?

Creating Instructional Media

Exploring and Applying

Take three of the following courses through NC State DELTA:

  • An Overview of Panopto
  • Create a Website for Your Course with WolfWare WordPress
  • Creating a “Just Right” Video
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Finding and Teaching with Library Resources in Moodle
  • Instructional Materials: Moodle Page and NC State Book

Active Learning with Technology

Exploring and Applying

Take three of the following courses through NC State DELTA:

  • Moodle Forums: Creating Dynamic Discussion Areas for Your Students
  • Create Interactive Content in Moodle with H5P
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Digital Whiteboards for Teaching and Learning
  • Energize Student Engagement with Top Hat
  • Engagement and Accountability: Perusall for Course Texts
  • Engagement in Online and Hybrid Classrooms
  • Engaging Students with Panopto
  • H5P Interactive Book
  • H5P: Drag and Drop
  • Increasing Learner Engagement with Branched Learning in PlayPosit
  • Interactive Videos with PlayPosit: Getting Started
  • Interactive Videos: Questioning, Discussion & Using Feedback in PlayPosit
  • Keeping Your Hybrid and In-Person Students Chatting
  • Reach the Back Row with Top Hat
  • Real Time Assessments
  • Personalized & Interactive Learning

Digital Assignments and Assessments

Exploring and Applying

Take three of the following courses through NC State DELTA:

  • Moodle Forums: Creating Dynamic Discussion Areas for Your Students
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Engagement and Accountability: Perusall for Course Texts
  • Google Assignments
  • Gradescope at NC State
  • Moodle Quiz Settings for Promoting Academic Integrity
  • Quizzing in Moodle
  • Rubrics & Grading Guides: Consistent & Effective Assessment in Moodle
  • Peer Review with Moodle Workshop
  • Peer Review with Turnitin Peermark
  • Turnitin Plagiarism and Grammar Checker Overview

Universal Design for Learning


Earners of this badge have an interest in Universal Design for Learning and participated in and successfully completed four workshops aligned with this topic. Complete the following through NC State DELTA:

  • Intro to UDL
  • Boost Motivation with UDL
  • Elevate Your Content with UDL
  • Optimize Student Performance with UDL

Moodle Quiz Basics and PlayPosit Basics


Earners of this badge complete a series of video tutorials demonstrating how to set up and create quizzes in Moodle. Complete the Moodle Quiz Playlist in PlayPosit (earn a passing grade on each interactive video) and review Moodle documentation for Quizzing.

PlayPosit Basics


Earners of this badge complete a series of interactive video tutorials demonstrating how to create a PlayPosit account at NC State, create and revise a PlayPosit bulb, link the bulb to PlayPosit, and how to manually grade a bulb in PlayPosit. PlayPosit is an instructional tool used to make interactive videos for students.

WolfSNAPS: Online Course Design Series


Earners of this badge demonstrate their ability to apply what they have learned in each of eight sessions introducing best practices in online course design.

Claiming Your Digital Credential

Exploring and Applying

REPORTER reports will be run monthly to identify badge recipients. If you have completed the requirements to earn a badge, you may also submit using this Google Form.

Steps to claim your digital credential:

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an account with Credly (formerly Acclaim) using your NC State email account.
  2. Look for an email from Credly announcing that your digital credential is ready to be claimed.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email from Credly to claim your digital credential.

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