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Changes for DELTA’s Media Production Services

Graphic of new organizational structure for DELTA's MPS group
The new organizational structure with new team names.

DELTA’s Media Production Services (MPS) has a new organizational structure with new team names, and we want to provide a brief overview of the team’s responsibilities.

As we continue to expand use of digital media technologies throughout NC State, we felt it was imperative to evaluate our organization to optimize professional resources and create a structure that supports the university and future growth. To better reflect the scope of these technologies, the unit name is now Enterprise Digital Media.

“The services supported by Enterprise Digital Media have grown beyond classroom capture and distance learning classroom support,” said Leisa Bolles, director of DELTA Enterprise Digital Media. “We feel confident we have restructured in a way that allows us to be agile in adapting to changes in technology and efficient in providing support services at the enterprise level.”

The following teams make up the unit:

  • Enterprise Digital Media (EDM), formerly Media Production Services (MPS)

EDM provides enterprise-level support and administration for video and digital media-based applications. Zoom administration and support are consolidated and assigned to EDM.

  • Digital Media Support Services (DMSS), formerly Media Production Support Services (MPSS)

DMSS provides application administration, licensing management (with vendors and campus partners), administrative support, and tiers 2- and 3-level support for Panopto and Zoom, including Zoom Rooms. The team continues to build expertise in digital media applications, as there might be other natural areas for them to use their expertise.

DMSS also provides engineering support for all DELTA enterprise video spaces (classrooms, mini-studios, conference rooms, and so on) as well as collaborates and consults with campus partners regarding room engineering and integration for recording and conferencing needs.

  • Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (ILSS), formerly Video Communication Service (VCS)

ILSS manages and supports the DELTA classrooms and meeting spaces as well as collaborates with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on ClassTech rooms, especially in maintaining technology similarities as appropriate. In the future, ILSS is primed to be a key partner and critical resource for establishing, managing and supporting a network of “HyFlex rooms” for campus.

Learn more about how to use digital media technologies in your Distance Education courses on DELTA’s Learning Technology website.