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WolfSNAPS: Reaching All Learners

illusatration of wolf snapping

Overwhelmed with online course accessibility? Check out DELTA’s latest WolfSNAPS session РReaching All Learners. This short, focused, asynchronous training is for faculty or graduate students who want to incorporate principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to meet the needs of all students in their online courses. The session is filled with bite-sized tips, resources and examples. After 30-90 minutes, participants can walk away with a course self-assessment and a plan for where to start to improve the accessibility and usability of their course. This training can be accessed at any time through REPORTER self-enrollment.

All eight WolfSNAPS sessions in the Online Course Design Series are now available, and you can earn a digital badge by completing all eight. Sessions include:

Writing Effective Learning Objectives (characteristics of good learning objectives and a simple process for writing them)