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Meet DELTA Faculty Fellow Carrol Warren

Assistant Teaching Professor and Faculty Scholar Carrol Warren is committed to using instructional technology to create an inclusive online classroom space for her students. 

Warren began her professional career as a counselor and never imagined she would become an instructor at NC State. Her degrees include a Doctor of Education from NC State University, a Master of Education from the University of Texas at Austin and Bachelor of Arts from Meredith College.

As a DELTA Faculty Fellow, she strives to share her knowledge of the many tools available in Moodle 4.0 that can enhance student success in an online environment. In addition, Warren hopes to contribute to the instructional video resources available on DELTA’s YouTube Channel.

With a curious mindset, Warren has appreciated the value of connection within the fellows group. She gains benefits from interacting with colleagues, including those outside of her department and the College of Education. Through these interrelations, her professional knowledge base and skill set has grown through focusing on impactful projects and learning opportunities. She reflects on the role that connections have played in her life, 

“I am so grateful to find myself on this remarkable journey,” Warren said. “I remember having such extraordinary teachers throughout my life and the opportunities their lessons afforded me have had a tremendous impact over the years. Skills learned early in my career as a counselor transferred to a career in higher education, where I’ve been fortunate to teach students in pursuit of furthering their own education and career advancement. Being able to connect with students in a way that supports their educational journey and professional growth creates meaningful experiences for my own career path.”

Warren’s experience with instructional technology dates back to the 1990s with the course tool called WebCT, which was acquired by Blackboard. She has mastered many online educational platforms over the years and has witnessed how powerful they can be as a course content delivery resource.

Acquired Teaching Methodologies

The COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on Warren’s teaching style and implementation of instructional tools. She formed a partnership with Associate Teaching Professor Michelle Bartlett during the height of the pandemic that provided community college faculty members with coaches who helped them transition their face-to-face courses to an online instructional format.

“This project brought opportunities to partner with others, exchange resources, and build a community of support among faculty who shared the desire to support their students during such a challenging time,” Warren explained. “The pandemic also shaped an opportunity to acquire skills teaching HyFlex courses, where I taught in a classroom with students present while also having students simultaneously online via Zoom.”

Warren’s biggest takeaway from teaching during those trying times was “how important it will always be to extend grace and empathy to colleagues and students alike.” An important lesson learned that goes above and beyond classroom expectations.


Warren really values the role mentors play in a student’s educational experience as well as her own professional life.

“Along with my colleagues, James Bartlett and Michelle Bartlett, I lead an executive mentoring program for our doctorate students,” Warren shared. “I can see the value added by connecting our students with mentors in the area of practice they hope to pursue. When students are connected with a mentor, an avenue to career opportunities and professional community can be provided in ways students have not previously imagined.”

Warren’s career benefited from her own mentors who guided her path during her time with NC State. In fact, former DELTA Faculty Fellow Michelle Bartlett, Associate Teaching Professor and Program Coordinator of Counselor Education Angie Smith and Associate Vice Provost Diane Chapman all encouraged her to apply for the DELTA Faculty Fellows program.

“I feel like NC State is a community where faculty are surrounded by inspiration on all levels,” Warren added.

Interested in sharing your knowledge and learning from other instructors? Apply for DELTA’s Faculty Fellow program! Applications will be accepted April 3 through May 1, 2023 as part of this year’s DELTA Grants cycle.