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Teaching Tech Tips: Use Moodle Gradebook Categories

Exterior photos of the James B. Hunt Library on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Make your end-of-semester life more efficient by using the Moodle gradebook from the beginning of the semester to allow you to directly submit grades using the WolfWare Grade Submit Tool in May. Add categories to the gradebook to improve grading organization and communication.

Teaching Scenario – You use homework assignments, tests, projects, and discussions/participation to assess students in your course. Create gradebook categories to help you organize and group your grade items using the major categories you use to evaluate students. Optionally, you can weight the categories if you use different values for assessments vs. participation vs. homework, etc., in your course. Categories can provide a clear structure for assigning and calculating grades and make it easier for students to understand how their grades are calculated. Overall, using grade categories in Moodle can improve the accuracy and transparency of the grading process and can make it easier for both educators and students to track and monitor progress. Use this digital handout to guide your thinking about a grading structure and get your gradebook setup!