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Engage Students Socially in Course Texts with Perusall

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Perusall is a social/collaborative annotation and discussion tool synced with Moodle. Instructors add a wide range of content including articles, web pages, documents, videos, podcasts, and images. Then, students in small groups or as a whole class engage with the content via comments and in-text discussion. Engagement includes threaded discussions, asking and answering questions, interactive polling, upvoting, and embedded additional content including links and videos.

Screenshot of comment stream in Perusall.

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Perusall learning experiences can be graded or ungraded. Graded activities are either auto-graded by Perusall or manually graded by an instructor. The analytics associated with activities can be used by instructors via the Perusall interface and grades can also be synced with the Moodle gradebook.

Try it out by adding a Perusall activity to a Moodle course or Moodle project space. 

Additional features include

  • Close-reading with in-text comments
  • Note-taking for individual students (in addition to or instead of the collaborative/social commenting)
  • Student uploads for conversations around an article and/or peer-review

Pedagogical Purposes

  • Peer-to-peer engagement
  • Tracking and assessing student progress
  • Student engagement with multiple texts/content
  • Building learning communities
  • Critical thinking through interactive note-taking

Perusall in Action


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