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Recipes for Student Success Using New Moodle Features 

When instructors access WolfWare courses for fall semester and activate Moodle, they will be greeted with the new version of Moodle! The projects/outreach server will also be updated to the new Moodle 4 version on Aug. 8. Check out our top three recipes for success using the updated version of Moodle and come to our Recipe for Success Boot Camp and Summer Shorts program on Aug. 15-19.

Noodling with Navigation
Time: 10 min
Servings: Instructors and Students
Ingredients Directions
  • 2 cups Course Index
  • 2 cups Course Menu
  • 2 cups Blocks Drawer
  • 1 cup User Menu
  • 1 cup Dashboard

Cooking Tips: 

  • Use the “Switch role to…” regularly to move between looking at your course as a student and viewing the course as an instructor.
  • Explore the Dashboard and encourage students to do so as well to find a useful calendar with combined dates for all courses and “Learning with Moodle” resources.

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Step 1 → Explore the new navigation in Moodle 4. Begin at the Course Index (left sidebar menu). Toggle it open and closed and see what you can access from the menu.

Step 2 → Move on to the central Course Menu directly at the top of the main page of Moodle. Click on each Course Menu heading to see what has moved to this new tabbed menu: settings, participants, grades, reports, and more. Choose “Course” to get back to your central, main view.

Step 3 → Add a visit to the Blocks Drawer or right sidebar menu to explore each major navigational component. Practice opening and closing the Blocks Drawer and click on “Add a block” to find out about the possible Block ingredients.

Step 4 →  Mix in the User Menu and the Edit Button at the top right of the course page.


Organization Omelet
Time: 60+ minutes
Servings: Instructors
Ingredients Directions
  • 2 cups Course Layout
  • 1 cup Labels for Grouping
  • 1 cup Course Index Drag & Drop
  • 1 cup Block Drawer

Cooking Tips: 

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Step 1 → Choose the course layout that works for you. “Show all sections on one page” has been updated with a collapsible/expandable option for instructor and student users. Use this course ingredient for more student control in navigating your course.

Step 2 → Add labels to organize and group content in your course. Since indenting is no longer an available ingredient in Moodle 4, labels can be helpful! TIP: If you use the Quick Start Course Shell, labels will already be included that you can duplicate and reuse across your course.

Step 3 → Mix in course items by moving items in your course easily through the Course Index

Step 4 → Use Blocks and the Block Drawer to your advantage to reorganize content from the main course view. The Text Block is the most customizable.


Decadent Desserts
Time: 2+ min
Servings: Instructors and Students
Ingredients Directions
Add amount to taste:

Cooking Tips:

  • Choose from the menu above for continued learning options to dive into Moodle 4!
Each of these ingredients can be added to taste to get yourself and your students ready for using Moodle.

  • Learning with Moodle: Student guide to using Moodle, will be updated in the Dashboard of every Moodle course in mid-August
  • Teaching with Moodle: Self-paced guide in Moodle for instructors learning Moodle
  • Workshop Recordings: Moodle 4 Playlist
  • YouTube Channel: Just-in-time quick tutorial videos on different aspects of Moodle 4
  • Bootcamp: New and returning instructors join us to get started or get refreshed in Moodle!