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NC State Completes Transition From Mediasite to Panopto


Panopto replaced Mediasite as the NC State enterprise content capture tool in fall 2021. All Mediasite content has been copied over to Panopto, so there will be no loss of content when the Mediasite server is turned off on May 16, 2022. 

Instructors and faculty can expect an easy transition to exclusively using Panopto for their content-capturing needs. 

“We’ve already done a lot of the heavy lifting,” said DELTA Learning Technologies Coordinator Martin Dulberg.

All Video content that has been copied from Mediasite to Panopto can be found using Panopto’s “Browse” feature. In Moodle, all Mediasite links have already been replaced with their corresponding Panopto links.

If faculty have Mediasite links outside of Moodle, such as in a Google Doc or WordPress site, they must take action now as these links will not be active after May 16. The Mediasite to Panopto URL Converter tool in Wolfware can be used to easily convert Mediasite links to Panopto links.

The transition from Mediasite to Panopto has been a gradual two-year process. It began after an extensive evaluation in 2020 that led to the DELTA team recommending the adoption of Panopto as NC State’s new content capture tool. 

Since going live in May 2021, Panopto has been widely successful in providing high-quality video recordings to supplement in-person instruction. 

“The main difference between Mediasite and Panopto is that we’re finding that it’s easier for people to record in Panopto, regardless of what computer they use,” Dulberg said.

Panopto has also proven to be more compatible with other enterprise systems NC State uses, such as Moodle. Additionally, Panopto offers more editing capabilities and a more user-friendly interface. 

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