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Building a Path to Moodle 4

Image by Jeff Williford

DELTA is hard at work preparing a significant upgrade to Moodle, our campus learning management system. We are upgrading to Moodle 4 for the fall 2022 semester and enabling requests for fall Moodle spaces starting May 1. 

Some changes to look forward to are a redesigned interface and streamlined site navigation. In fact, a new “user experience” is the centerpiece of Moodle 4 and has been years in the making, reflecting extensive input from both faculty and students.

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder and CEO, explained in a recent Moodle article, “We are breaking new ground with this release and creating processes to obtain wide input from our community is key to its success. Our community is one of Moodle’s greatest strengths and thorough engagement with them has been key in developing a UX roadmap that tackles and prioritizes the most desired enhancements. We’re looking for a “wow!” from our users, whether you’ve been using Moodle for 10 years or 10 minutes, so that we can empower educators worldwide to do amazing things with the deep features Moodle has developed over the years.” 

Starting in April, DELTA will host Moodle 4 workshops detailing what to expect and how to make optional use of key features. Add yourself to the Watch List for the workshop to be notified of our upcoming offerings!

To get an early look at Moodle 4, we invite you to explore the Moodle 4 Preview server. Apply for access using this form and we will set up a space for you shortly. If you need help or have any additional questions about the Moodle 4 upgrade, please contact DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk at Follow for available Moodle 4 resources.