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Start Using Panopto on May 17

An instructor teaches at the front of a classroom.

Panopto officially launches as NC State’s video management system on May 17, 2021. 

All NC State faculty, staff and students can access Panopto with their Unity ID and password. By logging in, you unlock the ability to use Panopto’s innovative suite of video players, record and edit your own videos, begin gathering detailed analytics and start exploring Panopto’s expansive features. 

Panopto will already be integrated with NC State’s most popular learning technologies on May 17. In addition to WolfWare, Panopto will be integrated with Moodle, bringing video directly to your Moodle course. Faculty can begin creating Moodle courses for the summer and fall semester that are equipped with Panopto’s features, including instant video publishing and organization. Panopto also offers easy integration with interactive video tools such as PlayPosit and H5P

By the fall, more than 250 classrooms will be ready to record with Panopto. Classroom environment training materials and documentation will become available as rooms continue to be equipped. 

“Panopto has been a game changer for me. Not only does it do what I was using a combination of four to five different software packages and websites to do before, it has additional features that I had never even thought about but have been powerful in my classes, and it is far easier to use than anything else I have tried,” Assistant Teaching Professor Claire Gordy shares.

Not ready to say goodbye to your existing Mediasite content? There’s no need to worry. Legacy Mediasite content will remain accessible until May 2022 along with the new content you create in Panopto. Mediasite content will be converted to Panopto on a rolling basis during summer 2021. 

If you need help getting familiar with Panopto’s interface and features, DELTA is here to support you. In addition to the information available on the DELTA website, you can register now for synchronous and asynchronous workshops led by DELTA’s experts. We are developing high-quality training videos in addition to the ones you can find on Panopto’s website. We are also building our library of Panopto Knowledge Base articles to provide fast, informative updates. 

Clearly, there is a lot to look forward to with Panopto. This huge accomplishment is the result of a collaborative effort among several DELTA teams as well as ClassTech and campus partners, all working together to bring the best possible video management options to the NC State community. Special thanks are due to our team of early access participants, who jumped on board to use Panopto on a preliminary test basis throughout spring 2021, exploring its features and providing feedback to improve the service for others. 

Leisa Bolles, director of media production services, is grateful to all of the teams involved in the effort and looks forward to what is to come with Panopto. 

“This has been a herculean effort involving multiple people from across the university collaborating on a series of mini-projects and workgroups to get us to full-scale implementation. I’m so thankful for the tremendous efforts of so many people who gave so much of their time while still doing their regular jobs –– all while adjusting to life during a pandemic.

The vast feature set of Panopto and its integration with our other digital learning tools makes using video in courses easier than ever before. I am so excited to see how faculty and students will react to the engagement tools and am thrilled they will have access to such a robust tool in their learning toolbox.”

May 17 is just the beginning! This summer, we look forward to incorporating additional features and welcoming more people into Panopto. Stay tuned for more updates via DELTA News and the LearnTech Knowledge Base, and get to know Panopto by attending one of our training opportunities. 

If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact LearnTech.