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DELTA Annual Report Released: Changing Education for 20 Years

When long-term telecommuting began in mid-March, DELTA staff members stayed connected through DELTA-wide meetings held by the Senior Management Team every Friday through August.

The 2019-2020 DELTA Annual Report is now available online! Take a look at how we helped student success by assisting faculty pivot to emergency remote instruction and ensuring our learning technologies had the infrastructure to support increased usage.

Inside the Report

As we continue our exploration in excellence, we make a difference at NC State and beyond. This year’s annual report highlights our efforts to promote high-quality education to all learners — both on campus and at a distance. Through innovative course design, online and distance education program support, media and emerging technology production, faculty training, learning technologies and more, we are helping support faculty as they guide students to a successful future.

Read our Letter from Vice Provost Tom Miller as he reminisces about the 20 years of DELTA and the impact the unit has made throughout its history.

View our Highlights page to see the progress we’re making toward our strategic goals with specific DELTA News stories to match each strategic goal.

On our Staff Accolades page, you’ll find presentations, publications, achievements, more accolades by our staff members. We’re sharing how we Think and Do to impact NC State.

Our interactive By The Numbers page reflects how DELTA uses its budget to support technology-enhanced learning and online and distance education programs.

Learn more by exploring our 2019-2020 DELTA Annual Report.