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Moodle Feature Allows Student Access Beyond Semester Dates

NC State instructors can allow specific students to access their Moodle courses outside of the normal semester availability dates by requesting a special role for the student called “Extended Access.” Normally, student access to a Moodle course is governed by the Availability dates configured in WolfWare, but the Extended Access role works as a kind of “override” that ignores the course’s availability dates for a specific user.

The most common use of this role is when a student needs to resolve an Incomplete grade in the class, and the instructor wants the course materials to be made available to the student but remain unavailable to all other students. The Extended Access role can be applied in other situations as well, if a student needs access to a space beyond the availability dates for some other reason.

Currently, adding and removing the Extended Access role requires action by a Moodle admin, but our goal is to extend this ability to instructors in the future, when the WolfWare course management interface is updated.

In order to add the Extended Access role to a student, the instructor of the course should contact DELTA’s LearnTech help desk ( or 919.513.7094) and request that the Extended Access role be added. The instructor should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Student’s name and/or Unity ID
  • Course and section number
  • Semester for which extended access is requested

The Extended Access role expires automatically after one semester, but the instructor can also contact LearnTech to request a renewal of the role, or to have the role removed from a student at any time.