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WolfWare Website Usability Study Released

screenshot of WolfWare

The WolfWare website is our gateway to the learning technologies we make available for faculty to teach their classes. It is important that we make the site as easy as possible to use so that faculty and students can concentrate on using the technology to further learning rather than spending more time than necessary figuring out how to configure the tools. Based on help calls we’ve received and other feedback we’ve gotten, we were concerned that there were some areas of the site that were difficult to use and some tasks that faculty were having a hard time completing due to the design of the site.

We recently conducted a usability study of the WolfWare website to help us assess how usable the website is for our faculty. We found that while faculty generally had a very positive opinion of the WolfWare site, there are a number of areas where it was difficult for faculty to find the functionality they needed and areas where instructors were trying to accomplish tasks in a different way than the website was designed to allow them.

Based on the results we received, we’ve fixed some of the simple interaction issues and are reviewing our options for a major redesign next year as we add more tools to the site. Stay tuned for exciting new developments in WolfWare!

View the full report.