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DELTA Team to Present VR Workshop at SXSWedu

Photograph of SXSWedu 2016 participants attending NC State session about virtual reality.
Photograph of SXSWedu 2016 participants attending NC State session about virtual reality.

The seventh annual SXSWedu conference will be held March 6-9 in Austin, Texas. Throughout these four days, six keynote speakers and 36 featured speakers will discuss topics ranging from spatial perception to storytelling to community engagement. In addition to these speakers, DELTA’s own Cathi Dunnagan, Mike Cuales and Bethanne Tobey will facilitate a workshop. Combining their expertise and background knowledge in instructional design, media production and teaching, the trio will inform others on virtual reality (VR) through Design Your Own VR Experience for EDU. The primary audience for the workshop will be for K-12 educators and those in higher education.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to VR, its gear, terminology and context about VR application to education at NC State and DELTA. Participants will receive Google cardboards, be guided through mobile device setup and explore VR tours. After they experience a VR tour themselves, participants will be presented with a challenge to create a virtual exploration of NC State’s Talley Student Union using 360° images provided by the facilitators. The workshop will wrap up with a Q&A and lessons learned.

This is not the first time DELTA has been represented at SXSW. Last year, Cuales and Tobey presented Using 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool.

DELTA is excited for Dunnagan, Cuales and Tobey as they facilitate their workshop and enlighten others the incredible work created at NC State!

If you are interested in applying VR to education at NC State, join our Virtual Orientation Interest Group (VRIG) contact


Official Workshop Description:

Over the last couple of years, the world of virtual reality has quickly immersed itself into education. What was once considered science fiction is now becoming mainstream for major production companies, independent producers and educators. Classroom teachers and students now have easier access to tools that allow them to produce their own virtual reality experiences. Participants in this workshop will walk away with a basic understanding of the design and production process for creating virtual reality experiences for education. Each participant will have the opportunity to design, storyboard and plan production for their own VR experience given a scenario-based instructional challenge.