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WolfWare News: January 2015

As part of DELTA’s ongoing efforts to keep you informed, here’s the latest WolfWare News to help you make the most effective use of Moodle and other WolfWare tools in your courses.


Moodle Upgrade: Our annual Moodle upgrade will be available in March 2015 for Summer and Fall 2015 courses. More details to come as we get closer to the upgrade date and in the meantime, you can review a list of new features coming in version 2.8.

Requesting Moodle Space for your spring class: You can request a Moodle Space for your Spring 2015 course by following these directions:
Please review the directions carefully as there are a lot of important options to help you set up your Moodle space.

Adding your TA: You can add a Teaching Assistant, Instructional Designer, or Student to your course by following these steps:

Due Date Management: We installed a new Date Report last semester (Open University Date Report) that allows you to set all of the important due dates for your course from a single page. This is particularly helpful when rolling over your course from a previous semester. You can access this functionality from the administration block of your course by going to “Reports” > “Dates.” Click on “Expand all” to display every activity in the course on a single page. If you are rolling your course over from a previous semester, please give it a try! It is a lot faster than clicking on each activity in your course and changing the dates one by one.

My Mediasite

The My Mediasite desktop recorder is a suite of tools that instructors can use to record presentations from a personal computer, capture video and/or audio and computer images as well as upload previously recorded video to be stored and managed in one location. Users are also able to edit video through a Web-based video editor and provide links to their presentations. For comprehensive information about My Mediasite, please visit the My Mediasite Quick Start Guide.


Collaborate, our synchronous web conferencing system, was upgraded in August and includes new features to enhance the experience for moderators and participants. Go to to check it out or visit DELTAwire to read more about upgrade details.

Related Resources

DELTAwire: Check the WolfWare News section of DELTAwire for the latest LMS news.

Maintenance Schedule: Throughout the semester, we reserve blocks of time for system updates and maintenance. View the maintenance schedule to stay up-to-date with WolfWare availability and please make note of scheduled downtimes.

Feature Requests and General Feedback: We welcome your input to make WolfWare as useful as possible to your teaching. To provide feedback and to submit (or view) feature requests, go to and select “Send Feedback” at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your interest! Please don’t hesitate to call DELTA’s LearnTech help desk at (919) 513-7094, or email if you need assistance with any of the WolfWare tools.