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LMS Updates: October-December 2014

We have performed a wide array of updates, additions and fixes to the LMS systems in October, November and December. Here is a quick rundown of the work done by our staff to enhance and maintain our various LMS tools and infrastructure.

Collaborate.WolfWare (12/5)

  • Resolved issues that were preventing users from accessing password protected recording conversions (MP3/MP4)
  • No longer requires a password for a session’s pre-approved users (the listed moderators and participants) when joining a session or watching a recording

WolfWare Website (12/19)

  • Moved Spring 2015 to current tab,
  • Updated Moodle icon rollover text to reflect student access dates (hopefully cutting down on student confusion)

WolfWare Classic (12/19)

  • Spring rollover


*[FR] denotes work done in response to a faculty, student or staff feature request completed

  • Grader Report Fix: Fixed row heights in Chrome and student links in IE (deployed 10/9)
  • Updated responsive themes (deployed 10/9)
  • Updated Gamification alpha module (deployed 10/9)
  • FR- Enabled forum timed posts (deployed 10/9)
  • FR- Installed Respondus WS module (deployed 10/25)
  • Fixed an error for instructors not being able to access grading view in certain conditions. (deployed 11/8)
  • Added a site level setting to control whether on not a course uses the WolfWare Toolbox settings (deployed 11/22)
  • Small fix to front page theme (deployed 11/22)
  • Added Bulleting Mobile block for pilot test (deployed 11/22)
  • Fixed context.path to resolve performance issues on home page (deployed 12/06)
  • Updated to version 2.6.6(deployed 12/19)
  • Patched course copier to detect manual grades as user data (deployed 12/19)
  • Synchronized courses, projects and outreach to all use same code base (deployed 12/06)


  • Added Shiboleth authentication (deployed 10/09)
  • Updated existing university user id’s and imported other user id’s (deployed 10/09)
  • 10/25 Upgraded to version 6.3 (deployed 10/25)

Backend System Changes (10/9)

  • Moved Moodle Archive database, data and courses 1314 data to SAN storage
  • Updated servers to PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6
  • Reconfigured load balancer
  • Updated EqualLogic firmware

If you have any questions about the work we do to support the LMS at NC State, feel free to contact me directly.