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LMS: Updates to Elluminate and the Course Request Tool(Archive)

We wanted to let you know about two changes to the LMS that were released on March 12th.
1) Elluminate Live has gotten a new look! We have changed the color scheme and graphics so that Elluminate Live will have the same look as and This will create a more consistent look and feel for students when they work with the different tools in the LMS suite.  We have not changed any of the functionality or location of the controls in Elluminate as this is a purely cosmetic change; thus, there’s nothing new to learn when using the software.

2) Requesting Courses in Moodle via the Section Management Tool has a few changes.  We are adding some new functionality to the tool that instructors use to request a course in Moodle beginning with the Summer sessions and beyond.  Changes include:
a) Faculty who are teaching two different sections and wish to use the same Moodle site for both sections will now be able to set up the section crosslinking directly in the request tool instead of having to make a special request via Learntech.

b) We have added an “end date” to the course request page.  After the end date that is submitted by the course requester on the request form, the course will no longer be available to students, but the instructor will still have access to it.   Prior to adding an “end date” in the Section Management Tool, courses would remain available to students after the semester unless instructors know how to go into the Moodle settings and make the course unavailable.  As a result, a number of past R&R courses were unintentionally left open.   This feature is being implemented to reduce the number of courses unintentionally left available for student access after they have completed the course.  Instructors can always go back into the Moodle settings and change the “end date” for a course so that it is available longer or indefinitely.

You are welcome to send feedback or your comments or questions about these changes to the LMS Coordinator, Marty Dulberg,