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LMS Maintenance on October 23

We have a maintenance window scheduled for Saturday, October 23.  This post contains information about the work scheduled to be performed on our learning management systems during that maintenance window.


  • Saturday, October 23, 8:00am – 10:00am


  • Change permission to allow instructors to export their Books as IMS Packages. Prior to the Moodle 1.9.9 upgrade, Teachers could do this; after this change, Teachers and Designers will be able to do this.
  • Update the themes so that they all use the SSL version of the branding bar, to remove mixed secure/unsecure content warnings. Also fix minor inconsistencies between the themes and certificate icon.
  • Update the text on the lost password pages and emails.
  • Update the Course Participation report to fix performance issues.


  • Modify Announcements to have three priority levels. Announcements will sort by priority and then last update date/time for display.
  • Install new SSL certificate on load-balancer before the current one expires next month.

Previously Implemented Items

Some updates were made to our LMSes since the last DELTAwire post; here is a list of those changes:

  • Add timezone data to Moodle so that repeating meetings work correctly across a DST barrier.
  • The Moodle database connection limit was increased to 600, from 500.
  • The Moodle sessions table was reverted to MyISAM, from InnoDB.
  • A feature request page was added to WolfWare.
  • The WolfWare feedback form was updated to add contact information fields to form and remove mention of anonymous.