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DELTA Knowledge Base Highlights to Start Your Semester

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The DELTA Knowledge Base is a great resource for instant support to help answer many WolfWare, Moodle, or general instructional technology questions you may have. Just navigate to our DELTA Knowledge Base homepage and in the search bar provided, type the specific tool or issue you need help with to see what articles are available to assist in resolving the issue.

Periodically, the LearnTech team will be highlighting some helpful DELTA Knowledge Base articles via the DELTA Connections newsletter. This month’s article highlights will focus on those resources most useful as instructors are preparing for the start of a new semester.

Best Knowledge Base Articles to Help Prepare for Your Spring Courses

In order to activate a Moodle course and start preparing for the semester, instructors will need to request their WolfWare space. 

To start building a Moodle course or using another tool like Google Groups for that class, the WolfWare tool must first be activated. 

It’s common for most instructors to want to use a previous version of a course as a template to prepare for the upcoming semester’s course. WolfWare includes a course copier tool that allows instructors to quickly duplicate a previous course as the starting point for an upcoming class.

When setting up a new WolfWare space and Moodle course, instructors may need to collaborate with other instructors or perhaps have a TA that needs access to the course. Note: this process is for users who are not already in the course via their official enrollment via SIS.

Instructors who have multiple sections of the same course may only want to manage one single Moodle space rather than multiple instances for each section. To do this, they may combine the rosters of each separate section into one WolfWare space and therefore only have to manage a single Moodle space that all students from each individual roster section have access to.

By default, Moodle courses are set to open for students on the first day of classes but there are instances where instructors may want to give students access to the space earlier. To do this, they must adjust the availability dates for Moodle within WolfWare to open the course early.

Students occasionally run into issues finding their courses at the start of a new academic year due to the fact there is a new server that hosts these Moodle spaces. They should ensure they are accessing the right Moodle site by going through WolfWare.