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Annual Report 2022-2023

DELTA and NCSCaLE Partnerships Thrive

Architectural detail of Talley Student Union metal spire.
Photo by Marc Hall.

Within the Office of the Provost, DELTA continually fosters the integration and support of digital learning in NC State’s academic programs. We also support online and distance education programs at the university. As a part of that process, we intentionally collaborate, encourage teamwork, develop partnerships and learn from others. 

In keeping with these goals, DELTA departments have partnered with the NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education (NCSCaLE) division to provide various services over the past few years.

The DELTA/NCSCaLE Business Operations Department

The DELTA Finance and Business Office unit began working with McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education (now referred to as NCSCaLE) several years ago to provide general oversight of their business operations. During the pandemic, the NCSCaLE Business Office experienced six of seven position vacancies, and the DELTA Business Office team stepped in to provide immediate assistance for the division. After a year of direct support, both teams determined that the improved efficiency and overall effectiveness should continue and formalized the relationship by establishing the DELTA/NCSCaLE Business Operations department in October 2022.  

This team is responsible for fiscal operations, human resources, business and financial planning for multiple budgets, and commitments for both divisions. United by a common purpose and driven by a dedication to excellence, the shared business operations services achieved remarkable success. The journey of the team’s success stands as a testament to the power of teamwork.

Some of the team’s more notable accomplishments include restructuring the NCSCaLE business office to align with organizational goals by: 

  • Creating a Human Resources Total Service that modernizes human resource processes including:
    • Digitizing personnel records 
    • Sharing wellness resources
    • Creating employee journey maps
  • Gaining efficiencies by sharing inventory systems
  • Monthly financial statements and cost analysis processes and much more

Assistant Vice Provost for Business Operations for DELTA and NCSCaLE Jessie Sova recognizes that these achievements and milestones are also a result of the incredible support and collaboration of the DELTA/NCSCaLE Business Operations team. “Our team’s expertise, commitment and unwavering support are instrumental in our success,” Sova said. “It’s an honor to work alongside such a talented and driven group of individuals.”

Other DELTA/NCSCaLE Partnerships

With the success of the business services partnership, DELTA explored other ways to work jointly with the NCSCaLE division. For some time, the DELTA Marketing and Communications (MarComm) department provided digital advertising and social media outreach services for the NCSCaLE division. Beginning in February 2023, DELTA MarComm and NCSCaLE announced an official partnership with the intention to take advantage of their combined expertise to support marketing for both credit and non-credit learning opportunities.

The DELTA MarComm and the NCSCaLE Marketing Services organizations merged to form one team providing services to both divisions — a structure similar to that in DELTA and NCSCaLE’s shared business operations services. Governed by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by the Vice Provosts of both divisions, the two groups will regularly evaluate the working relationship to ensure that the needs of both divisions are being met.

“With DELTA and NCSCaLE both being part of the Office of Instructional Programs and with the success of the business operations team, a partnership of marketing and communications was a natural next step,” Assistant Vice Provost, Marketing, Communications and Partnership Development Kathy Harper said. “Merging the talent, skills and experience of these two teams is creating a pathway to success for both divisions.”

This structure and partnership can help each division reach their goals as they establish closer relationships.

DELTA Vice Provost Donna Petherbridge agrees that this structure and partnership can help each division reach their goals as they establish closer relationships. “DELTA is very open to working collaboratively with others,” Petherbridge said. “We look forward to evaluating this partnership to ensure it is both sustainable and strategic for both organizations.”

NCSCaLE Vice Provost for Continuing and Lifelong Education Mark Bernhard added to Petherbridge’s comments. “I’m optimistic that our partnership with DELTA will continue to be beneficial for both NCSCaLE and DELTA and those we serve through our strategic marketing efforts,” Bernhard said. “I look forward to the progress we can achieve together.”