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DELTA Teams Nominated for NC State IT Community Awards

up close photo of statue of former NC State Wolfpack women's coach Kay Yow with hand in classic "wolf" gesture
Photo by Marc Hall

Each year, NC State recognizes teams and individuals that make a significant collaborative impact within the IT community through the NC State IT Community Awards program. In 2022, two DELTA teams were nominated in two different categories.

The Operational Excellence Team Award

The DELTA Video Communication Services team, now known as Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (ILSS), was nominated for the Operational Excellence Team Award. This award recognizes a team that has functioned exceptionally well and collaborated within and across organizational structures in fulfillment of its operational responsibilities.

Nominated by Leisa Bolles, director of Enterprise Digital Media, the ILSS team assists faculty, staff and students daily by providing technical support, development opportunities and advice about incorporating audio-visual resources and technologies into the instructional process. According to Bolles, the ILSS team followed a solid business continuity plan during the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed it to transition well post-pandemic so that the team can provide outstanding support to help instructors adapt to new technology solutions and environments in a timely, efficient manner.

“As technology and pedagogy continue to interweave and evolve, the [ILSS] team continues to learn and pushes to stay ahead of the curve to provide user-friendly, engaging learning spaces that assist NC State faculty, students and staff as they strive toward the Think and Do philosophy,” Bolles said.

The Extraordinary Team Impact Award

The DELTA Moodle 4 Upgrade team was nominated for the Extraordinary Team Impact Award. This award recognizes a high-functioning team that has facilitated, promoted or advanced the university’s goals, mission, vision and values through its collaborative project-focused efforts.

Each year DELTA upgrades Moodle, which serves as the central communications hub for nearly all blended and online courses at NC State and is used by more than 92% of NC State students. Nominated by Stacy Gant, senior director of digital learning, and David Howard, senior director of academic technology, the Moodle 4 Upgrade Team met the challenges of the upgrade process in 2022 and remained focused on delivering the best possible experience to NC State faculty and students by communicating clearly and consistently with their colleagues.

“It was clear that everyone trusted any issues would be assessed, prioritized and addressed quickly,” Gant said. “For every question that was raised, the team found an answer or fixed a problem and kept online learning at NC State on track.” 

Congratulations to these teams for their incredible efforts!

The following members of the DELTA Innovative Learning Spaces and Support team were included in the nomination for the Operational Excellence Team Award: 

  • Lakendrell Albritton
  • Alex Bennett
  • Jess Benton
  • Leonard Brothers
  • Shawn Colvin
  • Jiakaira Dixon
  • Tim Hinds
  • Britnique Hodge
  • Brandon Joyner
  • Bob Klein
  • Darren Ley
  • Tony Pearson
  • Brandon Pope
  • Bill Stancill
  • April Tilley
  • Michael Whitman

The following members of the DELTA Moodle 4 Upgrade team were included in the nomination for the Extraordinary Team Impact Award:

  • Stephen Bader
  • Christine Belledin
  • Marty Dulberg
  • Saras Grandhi
  • Bethany Smith
  • Jeff Webster
  • Scott Watkins