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DELTA Colleagues Attend Meaningful Digital Learning Conference

Belltower framed by white blooms on a tree in spring.
Belltower framed by white blooms on a tree in spring. Photo by Marc Hall

Earlier this year, DELTA colleagues Stacy Gant, senior director of digital learning, and Bethanne Winzeler, assistant director of course quality, attended the Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World conference in Savannah, Georgia. Sessions for the conference centered on how to embrace the affordances of technology while employing a healthful approach to living and learning that includes balance, compassion and mindfulness. The keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Cleveland, who spoke about how to connect through disconnecting. 

“This conference provided a nice balance of faculty, student and professionally centered approaches to wellness, inclusion and meaningful learning in higher education,” Winzeler said. 

The conference was well-suited to those invested in creating student-centered learning environments or for anyone committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices in online education. The conference also offered opportunities to reflect on and pursue personal wellness and to consider ways to achieve better work-life integration.

“For anyone who wants to experience a small, different-kind-of-conference that is centered on these approaches, we recommend giving it a try,” Gant said.