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DELTA Instructional Consultation: What’s it Like?

There are many different options to get technology-related help from DELTA. However, did you know you can request an instructional consultation with questions about technologies, course design, and teaching strategies to enhance your students’ learning?  

The goal of the Instructional Consultation is to assist you in a one-on-one setting to ensure you get the help you need. It can be particularly useful when your question, problem, or idea could benefit from guidance from a DELTA specialist.   

Why should you ask for an Instructional Consultation? 

An Instructional Consultation can be helpful when you want to find the best ways to use a digital tool, such as:

  • Setting up the Moodle Gradebook to match your syllabus grading methods 
  • Creating and configuring a Moodle Quiz 
  • Implementing Panopto video content in your Moodle course
  • Learning how to use Top Hat or Google Tools in your classes
  •  Deciding whether Moodle Workshop, Turnitin or Perusall would work best for peer review  

You don’t need to have a specific tool in mind to request a consultation. DELTA team members can discuss your teaching needs with you and review your course to provide some potential solutions or recommendations. 

The benefits of an Instructional Consultation are that it can be tailored to individual needs, and allow for more in-depth discussion to determine the best way to accomplish your instructional goals.

How do you request an Instructional Consultation? 

Instructors and teaching assistants who are responsible for maintaining a course Moodle page can request a consultation via our Instructional Consultation Request Form. Once the request is received, our staff will contact you with any questions prior to matching you with a consultant with relevant expertise. Sometimes, an “initial consultation” or a quick meeting might be necessary to find the right DELTA team member to work with you or to do some research on your teaching and technology needs. The consultant will then reach out to you to schedule a meeting. Our consultants can meet on Zoom or in person at one of DELTA’s meeting rooms in the Center for Technology and Innovation building on Centennial Campus.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! Instructional Consultations provide an opportunity for collaboration between you and our learning technology experts to help you enhance your teaching. We enjoy engaging in the problem-solving process while providing individualized support. DELTA team members are here to provide guidance with our tools and assistance with implementing the teaching practices you want to use in the most effective way.