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Early College Teacher Upgrades Educator’s License through Online Program

Wolf Plaza during fall. Photo by Marc Hall.

Career Technical Educator (CTE) Derrick Burt will graduate in a matter of weeks having completed the Business and Marketing Education Initial Licensure Program (ILP) at NC State. After two years, 12 credit hours and invaluable experience and knowledge, Burt will continue his position at Roanoke Valley Early College in Weldon, North Carolina, with an expanded range of skills.

Career Technical Educator (CTE) Derrick Burt.

“I’ve learned a wealth of information from curriculum, clubs and internships in the field of business,” Burt said. “I’m planning to implement this information within my school district.”

Although he had several universities to choose from when pursuing an ILP, Burt chose NC State Online. Furthermore, he enjoyed working with other students from around the country to share expertise and learn together.

“I started with a cohort of individuals from all over the country and we’ve worked as a unit, and now we’ll depart empowered and insightful with a wealth of knowledge to carry on in our lives,” Burt said. “I chose NC State over other schools because of its program that would prepare me for my future career endeavors in life.”

NC State’s ILP allows provisional licensed teachers who work in a business and marketing classroom to upgrade their alternative licensure to a continual professional license. The program consists of only 12 credit hours, but Burt and his peers have had the opportunity to empower each other and apply the skills they learn in real time.

“The plan of study was laid out for you — once you’ve completed one course, you move to the next,” Burt said. “With proper guidance, you knew your completion time.”

Furthermore, Burt credits Assistant Teaching Professor Terrell Robinson for his success in the program.

“Dr. Robinson was a great inspiration and professor,” Burt said. “He’s the one you can contact and get the information and assistance that’s needed. He did a wonderful job in both classes that I had with him — he was the best, and without his guidance, I don’t know how far I would have gotten in the program.”

The balance between Burt’s career as a CTE and completion of NC State’s online program was made more challenging by the extra duties he assumed at Roanoke Valley Early College. However, he delegated his time appropriately, completing the bulk of his schoolwork on evenings and striving to get ahead on the weekends. Throughout it all, Burt put his students first.

“I would make sure that my students received the best education possible as I planned and implemented engaging lessons,” he said.

By completing the ILP, Burt will satisfy a requirement from the state to upgrade his NC Educator’s License. Furthermore, he’ll be able to teach more business courses in the future, take advantage of engaging technology, and advance his career.

Burt encourages working professionals who are thinking about advancing their careers to look into the degrees, licenses and other programs NC State has to offer, and to get in touch with the faculty or staff involved.

“When I decided to find an online program, I talked to one of the professors at NC State, and he was so helpful,” Burt said. “We initially had a Zoom meeting online to answer any questions that I had, and that helped me with clarity on what direction I would follow.”

Although he won’t be able to attend an in-person graduation ceremony, Burt plans to celebrate with a nice dinner, family and friends and “plenty of Wolfpack gear.”

“I’m glad I made the investment in NC State, and I’ve encouraged others to make the same choice,” Burt said. “I have no regrets. If anyone is looking for an excellent education, take a look at the programs NC State has to offer.”

Interested in upgrading your Educator’s License? Visit the program page or for a full list of degree and certificate programs.