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Online MAC Student One Step Closer to Reaching Her Goal

The NC State Belltower. Photo by Marc Hall

Balancing parenthood, working full time and pursuing a degree is difficult for anyone to manage. But for Melissa Fischer, a Jenkins Online Master’s of Accounting (MAC) student, the challenge is worth it.

“Obtaining my master’s has always been a goal of mine,” Fischer said. “But it was put on hold to start a family.”

Fischer works as a full-time bookkeeper and office manager for Crown Bell Management, a company based in New Haven, Connecticut. Her position is remote since she relocated to Clayton, North Carolina, in 2019. 

“The MAC program offers the flexibility for me to be successful while still being able to maintain my career and be present for my family,” she said. 

Since beginning the program in fall 2021, Fischer has already noticed a difference in how she approaches her current role.

“I have learned so much since beginning the MAC program,” she said. “This knowledge allows me to be better at my job and has expanded areas in which I am comfortable performing tasks.”

Fischer had her reservations about joining the program. She was worried about being an older student further in her career and whether pursuing her degree would be worth it. 

But after speaking with Associate Director of Admissions Jay Arrington, all of her concerns were addressed. 

“This conversation could be considered life changing,” Fischer said. “Jay was very honest and forthcoming with what to expect and helped to calm my fears.” 

While Fischer had heard great things about the program, she still wasn’t exactly sure what an online master’s program would look like and how it would compare to an in-person student’s experience.

“The program has exceeded my expectations,” she said. “The online program does make me feel involved in the school, the professors are accessible, and the material is the same as what a traditional student would see.”

In her first semester, Fischer was taught by Department Head and Dixon Hughes Goodman Professor of Accounting Kathy Krawczyk and Professor of Practice Bonnie Hancock, who showed her that her goal was possible.  

“Speaking to them, hearing their stories and their paths I found to be very inspiring,” she said.

Fischer encourages other working professionals who are thinking about continuing their education to not give up on their dreams. 

“While going to school now is a little more difficult than when I was younger, I feel more prepared to learn the information and find that my life experience allows for me to have a different understanding than those taking the traditional route,” she said.

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