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Student Seeks a Challenge Through MAC Graduate Program

Online MAC student Tiffany Allis.
Online MAC student Tiffany Allis.

Ambition has been the driving force behind Tiffany Allis’ success in balancing her professional life and educational experience in the pursuit of her master’s degree. Though her marketing position at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) keeps her busy, she challenged herself to continue her education.

Upon researching various programs for her master’s degree, the Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) online program stood out most. 

“NC State has an accomplished faculty and staff along with an unmatched reputation. Most importantly to me, there was a sense of community,” says Allis. “From my initial conversation with admissions to today as a student, faculty and staff will make themselves available to answer questions and offer solutions to whatever you need help with.”

The MAC program’s format varies from class to class. Some courses have all instructional materials on the Moodle page, including video lectures, whereas other classes will have instructional material paired with a Zoom session for students to engage with their professors.

“If I never saw a professor, how would I engage with the class or ask questions? My concerns were quickly alleviated in my first online class. The material provided was very robust and the video lectures were delivered in a clear and concise way. That’s not to say that you as a student don’t need to put in the work! Being in an online class means reading the assigned materials, following the lectures and staying up-to-date on your work,” shares Allis.

As she became familiar with her courses and adjusted to the structure, she also had to acclimate herself to maintaining a balance between her academics and her professional career. “Pretty much every minute of my time is accounted for. Early mornings and late nights are the norm but it’s doable if you have the ambition (and depending on how many classes you take!),” Allis says. “I did a lot of work on the weekends and aimed to get ahead whenever possible.”

Though working full time and being a student is a challenge, Allis has already seen how the program is impacting her career. At NCDPS, she assists in revenue growth to support the agency’s mission. She says, “Adding a MAC degree provides a greater opportunity to contribute to our mission.”

Allis is grateful for the support and inspiration from program faculty. Their expertise from advanced careers in the field has provided her with skill sets and insight she plans to apply to her future career.

She is an advocate for working professionals to pursue their masters’ through the online program. “In many ways, you can determine your own pace while being mindful of deadlines. Faculty are available to you through several outlets. However, students who want to pursue an advanced degree while working need to be committed and willing to put in the extra hours that the degree requires,” Allis says.

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