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DELTA Workshops Anytime, Anywhere

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We have compiled a list of DELTA’s most popular workshops that have been recorded so that you can view them anytime completely online.

We understand that teaching online can be tireless work and finding the time to fit professional development into a busy day of lesson planning, remote teaching and virtual meetings may be hard for some faculty members. We have compiled a list of DELTA’s most popular workshops that you can view online anytime. So whether you want to learn some tips for online grading or you want to refresh your Moodle skills, we have a recorded workshop that will help you bolster classroom effectiveness on your own time. 

How to Authentically Connect to Online Students

In this hour-long presentation, DELTA Faculty Fellow and Teaching Associate Professor Angie Smith provides you with first-hand examples of how to authentically connect to students in an online setting. Collaborative conversation throughout the workshop will also provide you with actionable tips from fellow faculty members that you can bring into your online classroom.

Activate Student Engagement: How to Promote Meaningful Learning

This 30-minute presentation introduces you to the six cognitive strategies, the methods that our brains use to learn and the six universals from learning research. You will also be given examples of how to create educational experiences that engage students and promote meaningful learning based on these theories. 

Creating Online Assignments and Learning Activities

Associate Director of Instructional Technology Training at DELTA Bethany Smith and DELTA faculty fellows Christine Cranford and Melissa Ramirez look at what a well-written assignment in Moodle looks like and how you can use Moodle for efficient grading. 

Moodle Forums: Creating Dynamic Discussion Areas

Tired of the traditional discussion forums in your class? Overwhelmed by grading discussion forums? In this workshop, you will be exposed to the different forum types available in Moodle, the questions and activities that can make the most of those forum types and a variety of grading strategies for large and small courses.

Rubrics: Making Assignments Easier for You and Your Students

Rubrics are a great way to communicate effectively with students about assignment requirements, while also creating a guide for you to grade them more easily. In this hour-long presentation, you will learn the qualities of good rubrics, and talk about how to create rubrics inside of Moodle.

More workshops on student engagement, instructor resources, course planning and construction, online collaboration, and tools and technology available on our full list of previously recorded workshops.

*You will need to log into Zoom with SSO to access these recorded workshops. 

Upcoming DELTA Workshops

If you enjoyed these recorded workshops, consider attending one of our upcoming DELTA workshops, which are free, online and open to faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants. We have a variety of training opportunities lined up for you to learn the tools, techniques and strategies needed to effectively teach remotely using Moodle, Zoom, Top Hat, PlayPosit and more.

Visit for a list of current offerings and to register. Subscribe to the DELTA Connections newsletter to stay up to date with all things DELTA, and sign up for the DELTA Workshops email list for additional updates.