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Leveraging Visual Media for Student Success

Through our DELTA Grants program, we help instructors bring their ideas to life, solve instructional challenges and enhance student learning through visual media. Visual instructional materials are helpful when communicating the complex and adding a level of engagement to course content.

In the 2019-2020 DELTA Annual Report, we’ve included a few examples of DELTA’s work with visual media in Goal 1 of our highlights page. The image below represents work toward improving student success.

Image and project information will be listed below in order of left to right — MUS 107, MAE 206, CH 224, VMP 991-162.

MUS 107: Class Piano I

A student practices playing piano in Associate Teaching Professor Olga Kleiankina’s MUS 107 course with the help of the Piano+: Interactive Piano Method Book developed by DELTA staff members. Photo by Katie Harris.

Kleiankina sought to create a more adaptable method textbook that could function like a website or an app that met at least two conditions — have an easy to update format, and a potential to collect a huge number of exercises and solos in the coming years. The Piano+ Interactive Piano Method Book was created and checked all the boxes.

The DELTA staff members on this project include David Tredwell, Andrew Wiedner, Caitlin McKeown, Merranie Zellweger and Dan Spencer.

MAE 206: Engineering Statistics

This illustration created by Ben Huckaby and Donnie Wrights was used to explain engineering statistics concepts in Teaching Associate Professor Anna Howard’s course. Illustration helps improve student success by adding levels of engagement to difficult concepts.

The full team on this project include Ben Huckaby, Donnie Wrights, Yan Shen and David Tredwell.

CH 224: Organic Chemistry II

The DELTA team composed of Rich Gurnsey, Stephen Waddell and Bethanne Tobey used immersive design to depict organic chemistry models for Teaching Assistant Lyniesha Wright’s course.

VMP 991-162: Global Health Challenges

This project defied distance and broadened perspectives for NC State students in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The DELTA team composed of Rebecca Sanchez, Donnie Wrights, Rhett Hissam, Mike Cuales and Justin Kuhn created immersive virtual experiences for Assistant Professor Andrew Stringer’s course.

The image above is pulled from one of the VR experiences where students are able to navigate freely between locations and explore different production sites. Read more about the VMP 991-162 course.