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DELTA to Represent NC State Innovation at SXSW EDU

The image is separated into three parts with a chevron pattern. Each part displays a different DELTA project that uses extended reality (XR). From left to right, there is an interactive textbook using augmented reality, a man holding an ipad to display a feed mill's processes in augmented reality, and a virtual reality example of landscape architecture.
DELTA staff members will lead a workshop at SXSW EDU on March 11 to explore the role of extended reality (XR) in education.

*SXSW EDU 2020 has been canceled.  

How does extended reality (XR) enhance education? Three DELTA staffers will head to Austin to answer this question and more at SXSW EDU on March 11. 

Cathi Dunnagan, Rich Gurnsey and Ben Huckaby will lead a session on Designing Educational Engagement with XR to explore the impacts and implementation of augmented and virtual realities in the learning environment. 

The interactive workshop will cover the basics of XR including what it is, different forms and best practices for XR in education. The majority of the session will present attendees with hypothetical scenarios, encouraging them to work collaboratively in small groups to brainstorm solutions using XR. These scenarios incorporate real instructional challenges faced by DELTA staffers. Presenters and participants will come back together to share ideas and discuss the real-world solutions applied at NC State. 

Scenarios draw from several DELTA projects that made use of XR learning technologies, including virtual reality, interactive 360° video-based virtual reality and augmented reality. Presenters have personally contributed to the featured projects and can share first-hand knowledge of working with XR, from pitfalls to successes. 

Session attendees will leave with a greater understanding of XR and its educational potential as well as inspiration to explore XR solutions on their own. 

Visit the SXSW EDU schedule for more information and keep up with #DesignXRedu on social media for updates on the team’s presentation!