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DELTA Testing Services Administers Record Number of Exams

Photo of a student checking in on a computer to the Centennial Campus Test Center for an exam.
A student checks in to the Centennial Campus Test Center.

DELTA Testing Services administered a record 84,578 exams from summer 2017-spring 2018 with a total of 20,374 students served locally and remotely. As a National College Testing Association Certified Test Center, DELTA Testing Services operates under the highest standards and procedures for testing.

With an increase of more than 20,000 exams from last fiscal year, Sr. Associate Director of Online and Distance Education Administrative Services Sharon Broere attributes this growth to taking on more campus-based exams as more faculty learn about the reputation and high-quality service provided by DELTA Testing Services staff.

In addition to the record number of tests for the year, the spring 2018 final exam window also saw record numbers. From April 30-May 9, DELTA Testing Services proctored 8,865 exams in just eight days.

While there were days when Testing Services staff saw more than 1,000 students a day, the quality of service was never diminished by the quantity of students.

One student left a hand-written letter for a Testing Services staff member that read, “When I saw your smile, I was so encouraged. You really are a light of hope and peace to students coming in who are worried about their tests and feeling anxious.”

Broere added, “This speaks to the customer service that the students receive when they come to take an exam. They are meeting someone with a smiling face who will try to put them at ease.”

Final exams took place at the Centennial Campus Test Center, Cox Hall Test Center and an additional location in the ITTC lab at D.H. Hill Library for paper-based exams. According to Broere, the ITTC lab was a great location that helped reduce noise and provided comfortable seating for students.

In preparation for future growth, Broere and her team plan to continue administering exams with the utmost integrity and quality customer service to ensure students are able to take their exams in a professional, secure and monitored setting.

Semester and Year Courses Proctored Local Students Remote Students Total Students  Local Exams Remote Exams Total Exams Proctored
Summer 2017 177 2,571 767 3,338 8,238 2,454 10,692
Fall 2017 483 7,953 384 8,337 32,789 1,582 34,371
Spring 2018 441 8,315 384 8,699 37,979 1,536 39,515
FY 2017-2018 1,101 18,839 1,535 20,374 79,006 5,572 84,578


DELTA Testing Services relocated its Centennial Campus Test Center from Venture II to Venture IV in September 2015 to accommodate the annual increase in students and exams. Learn more about the move.