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November 2017 Mediasite Administrator Update(Archive)

Mediasite Server, Recorder Software and Recorder Disc Image Versions

  • Test server: 7.2, Build 1416.
  • Production server: 7.0.30, Build 3758.
  • Recorder software version: 7.1.13 Build 4591
  • Recorder disc image 7.1.13.

NC State Mediasite help requests email:

Carolinas Chapter Mediasite User Group meeting, here at NC State!

Make plans to attend the next Carolinas Chapter Mediasite User Group meeting on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. right here at NC State, in the Talley Student Union.

The meeting is hosted by Sonic Foundry. Lunch will be provided and an optional Happy Hour follows. Sonic Foundry experts will be on hand, giving presentations on new features in 7.2 and the product roadmap for the future. Details, agenda are on the Sonic Foundry website, along with RSVP here.

Testing 7.2

Version 7.2 is in the testing environment. We are in the process of testing various features. We encourage our campus partners to engage in their own testing of 7.2. The testing environment is available 24/7. Details on accessing the test environment are below.

Mediasite Server Maintenance

Information about Mediasite maintenance and all other NC State systems can be found on SysNews.


The production server is now on 7.0.30, Build 3758. Recorder version 7.1.13 Build 4591 is now available for download on the production server.

Recorder Upgrade Process

I’m leaving the recorder upgrade process notes in the Mediasite Admin updates through the Fall semester, so they are easy to find when/if you need them. Not all recorders have been updated; everyone has different workflows and demands. We encourage campus partners to upgrade recorders by the Spring 2018 semester.

As noted previously, the 7.1.13 image has Microsoft security updates and the 7.1.13 recorder software version enables the University standard encryption of TLS 1.2.

The upgrade process is listed below, in case there are additional recorders that need to be upgraded.

Complete recorder upgrade instructions are here. Please note that these instructions cover upgrading from a variety of recorder versions, so locate the instructions for your current version in the document.

The new ISO packages preserve certificates and recorder settings, but again, we always recommend you back both up and save them in a secure place, in case you need to import them.

  • Sonic Foundry 7.1.13 Release Notes in this Google Doc.
  • Sonic Foundry website link to 7.1.13 Release Notes
  • Sonic Foundry KBA’s (regarding USB device connections) related to 7.1.13 in this KBA Google Doc.
  • Sonic Foundry note about KBA’s, with links:

“Please see KBA4008, KBA4017, and KBA4018 for important information about changes and new features in Recorder 7.1.13. This installer can only be run on a Recorder that has been restored with the Mediasite Recorder 7.1.10 Restore Image (or later)”

Testing Your Production Workflow

The Mediasite testing environment is available 24/7.

  • Every Mediasite Instance is on the test server.
  • You have access to your test Instance, 24/7, which is identical to your production instance URL with the addition of  “-testing” after the college/department name, such as delta-testing, coe-testing, textiles-testing, etc.  
  • If you experience any difficulties, email

All Sonic Foundry Release Notes, bug fixes and known issues are available on the Sonic Foundry Support website.

Closed Captioning

When working with a captioning provider, always reference the NC State Convenience Contract 298479 to ensure you receive the discounted rate. Information about NC State closed captioning is on the OIT Accessibility website:

More Information

NC State Mediasite

  • For NC State Mediasite information email
  • Subscribe to Mediasite updates by sending the message “subscribe mediasite” to
  • Unsubscribe to Mediasite updates by sending the message “unsubscribe mediasite” to

Maintenance Schedules and Updates

Sonic Foundry

  • Sonic Foundry general information:
  • Sonic Foundry Customer Support website: Mediasite Customer Assurance Portal
  • Sonic Foundry Customer Support phone: 877.783.7987