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Robinson Recognized as Finalist for Enterprise Video Awards

Jeff Robinson Finalist Award Recognition at Unleash17
Jeff Robinson receives finalist recognition for his work with Mediasite Video Technology at the Sonic Foundry Unleash17 Conference. (Photo provided by Sonic Foundry Unleash17 Conference)

DELTA’s Mobile Media Producer Jeff Robinson was recently recognized as a finalist in the 2017 Enterprise Video Awards hosted by the Sonic Foundry Mediasite Conference titled Unleash17.

During the Unleash Mediasite Conference, users learn what others are doing and learn about the new features that are coming to the system. On the first night of the conference the Enterprise Video Awards are shown. The Enterprise Video Awards recognize excellence in the practical and creative integration of Mediasite in business, education, health and government.

Robinson’s finalist video was created as a learning tool for a graduate level engineering course. Students enrolled in Metrology for Precision Manufacturing experienced three different views of the interferometer, a tool used to make small measurements. As a result of the six video series, comprehension and understanding of how to utilize the interferometer increased.

Robinson explained his decision to use the three source video recordings because it allowed the student to have greater control of their own learning experience.

“The most rewarding aspect of making these videos was knowing that it was making the learning environment easier for the professor and the students who would be manipulating the tools,” said Robinson.

Before Robinson created the video, students faced the challenge of understanding how to set up the interferometer and deciphering the results. Also the lab space was too small for a typical class size and online and distance education students were not on campus. Students had to learn from old manuals and rudimentary videos.  

Jeff Robinson Mediasite Technology
Jeff Robinson working with Mediasite technology to show three different views of the interferometer reading.

By using the Mediasite Video Platform, Robinson was able to show how the action of the instrument affects objects and data. Students were able to see the instrument as a whole and control which view they wanted to see. The video enabled students to learn on their own time because it could be paused and replayed numerous times.

Additionally, researchers using the interferometer save time and money by fully understanding how to use the measurement tool before coming into the lab.  

Supervisor John Gordon commented on Robinson’s work. “Jeff brought a lot of hard work and dedication to this project. He had never used the three video technology but never hesitated when he saw the need for it. We are all proud of his achievement in being recognized with this award.”

This is the first time three-view technology has been used to teach a lab at NC State and Robinson is hopeful for the future.

“With the ability to view hand inputs, computer telemetry and the instructor simultaneously, this technology can greatly increase the learning capacity for students on and off campus. The more control students have over the information they ingest, the greater retention capabilities the student has. They can adjust their learning experience to their learning style, ultimately making them more confident and prepared for their future,” said Robinson.

Moving forward DELTA continues to be a leader in utilizing Mediasite Video Platform to enable students and faculty to Think And Do.