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IDIG Lunch & Learn: Evaluating Student Blogging(Archive)

IDIG met for an online Lunch and Learn event on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 12 noon – 1:00.  During the meeting, Jen Riehle from the Office of Information Technology demonstrated the use of student blogging options at NC State.

After the meeting, Jen answered a  question about the max storage limit of 50MB:

“In the WordPress Blogs environment 50MB is the maximum space allowed, at least for now. The WordPress Blogs environment is free but we have a responsibility to maintain and backup these sites, which takes time and additional storage, the cost of which we cover. So at least for now we have to limit the available space.

If you need to use a lot more storage I would suggest getting a project locker or some other web-enabled space and linking the content via those URL’s, rather than having that content hosted by WordPress. They also might have some luck resizing some of their images, which may be much larger than needed.”

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